Shedding for the Wedding 

We’ve all seen them, those perfectly proportioned runway brides and we wonder if we’ll ever look as good as them on our wedding day. I can’t promise you perfection but I’ve put together a workout plan to at least make us feel more confident when we go in for that last fitting. I will be doing this 3 month workout plan starting the 1st of January and will post my before and after results at the end of each month. Join me and let’s knock ’em dead on our special day! 🙂

Month 1 Workout Plan

Monday-Friday: (Saturday/Sunday are rest days)

  • 25 squats; weeks 1 & 2 – 50 squats; weeks 3 & 4
  • 25 bicycle crunches; weeks 1&2 – 50 bicycle crunches weeks 3&4
  • 60 sec plank
  • :30second break:
  • 20 fire hydrants (each leg); weeks 1&2 – 40 fire hydrants weeks 3&4
  • 60 sec plank 
  • 25 reverse crunches; weeks 1&2 – 50 reverse crunches weeks 3&4
  • 15 push-ups week 1, 25 pushups week 2&3, 40 pushups week 4
  • :30 second break: then repeat sequence

Bonus* 15 shoulder presses w/ 5 lb dumbbells (as weeks progress advance reps to strength)

Up the ante* add 10 minutes of running every other day


Author: Sami

I'm just a 29 year old woman from Philly who happened to get engaged and fall in love with yoga. I have three beautiful children and go to school for nursing. Nothing more nothing less.

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