Bummed Bride

o-WEARY-570This is a piggy back off of another post I read about how after you get engaged you don’t really feel like a bride. Well, in my case I haven’t felt like a bride 85% of the time I’ve been engaged. And now I’m back at that feeling. One thing about a cruise ship wedding is that they take care of all the minor details like flowers, seating arraignments and set up. That stuff accounts for a lot of time spent feeling like a bride and planning your wedding. When I found out that I wouldn’t be speaking to my wedding coordinator until like 3 months bepfore the wedding, I literally freaked out….. full blow bridezilla mode turned on. Not because I didn’t trust them, I just wanted to be involved and I was eager to get the ball rolling on planning. But the food is already picked out, So I can’t do a tasting (bummed), no need to look at center pieces (super bummed) and knowing all this my matron of honor won’t let me help plan the bridal shower (just rude lol ). So here I am, after the excitement of being at 100 days until our wedding has died down and once again I don’t feel like a bride. I don’t go in for my first dress fitting until the end of the month 😦 I’ve found my wedding favors but it’s too soon to buy them, also too soon to buy bridesmaid gifts. I’m making their bouquets but no sense in them laying around the house for three months running the risk of getting ruined. I HAVE NOTHING TO DO! This is the very big down side to getting married on a cruiseship. I’m sure it will be lovely, especially since Royal Caribbean is such an awesome company but still, it makes me sad. What’s a bride to do when she’s feeling unbride like? Go to Pinterest (this is my wedding board), BummedBride & TheKnot and dream of her big day 😦

Love. Peace & Wine



Author: Sami

I'm just a 29 year old woman from Philly who happened to get engaged and fall in love with yoga. I have three beautiful children and go to school for nursing. Nothing more nothing less.

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