Wedding-less Wednesday

h-ANGRY-BRIDE-960x540Wednesday’s are all about weddings. I wake up excited to read the goings on of all you future brides and I was hoping to share my update with you all as well. But I have nothing to update, my wedding coordinator was supposed to call me this morning and I never heard from her. Derrick and I are having trouble finding a parking lot for our guests and transportation to get them to the cruise port. The fact that no one shuttles to the cruise port is becoming way more of a problem then we ever imagined. Also, we have finalized the guest list (60 in total) and want to begin paying for the reception but I have found out not only do I need the correct full name of all my guests, but I also need their date of birth, country of citizenship, what type of identification they’ll be presenting and the identification number *bangs head on laptop* I can only pray that my actual wedding day will be so beautiful it will take away from all the headaches and stress caused by getting married on a cruiseship. Oh another thing, to make my silk flowers will be, if not the same price, a bit more expensive then just getting the bridesmaids bouquets from Royal Caribbean. So fresh flowers it is (one less thing for me to worry about) I was losing my mind in Micheal’s trying to put bouquets together. *takes a deep breath*…… I hope all my fellow brides-to-be have had a better week of wedding planning than we.

Peace. Love & (and lots of) Wine

Sami ❤


Author: Sami

I'm just a 29 year old woman from Philly who happened to get engaged and fall in love with yoga. I have three beautiful children and go to school for nursing. Nothing more nothing less.

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