Happy Wedding Wednesday 

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted but so much has been going on with the wedding (we’re 50 days away!!) First let’s start with the bad:

Words of advice to anyone considering a wedding with Royal Caribbean- don’t, just don’t do it. Their Royal Romance department is nothing like the customer service they provide on the ships. From lack of communication, inadequate information, to ridiculous all most impossible deadlines, this is a very unorganized department. Even after speaking to a supervisor, the most they could do for us is give us a free wedding cake. A years worth of uncalled for stress and that’s all we got. All I can say is thank god this experience is almost over but I’m still worried about the day of and the smoothness of our wedding. 

Ok here’s the good:

Wedding favors are ordered and on they’re way. I will post pics when they get in 🙂 

I’ve also bought the bridesmaids gifts, I will post pics of them as well. The biggest win of all is my wedding dress. After searching high and low and not finding anything I liked I did the unthinkable and searched Amazon. And found the dress of my dreams for only $110!!! It just arrived yesterday and today I took it to a small bridal shop to start alterations, which are very minimal: a bustle, a snap for the panel in the back and taking it in a lil at the bust area. I really want to post pics but i want to save the element of surprise for the wedding day lol. 

Now I’m just waiting for my veil to come in (also bought on Amazon) and my mother is making the flower  girl dress. 

I hope all of you bride to be’s are having a fun time planning your wedding!

Peace, love & wine 

Sami ❤


Author: Sami

I'm just a 29 year old woman from Philly who happened to get engaged and fall in love with yoga. I have three beautiful children and go to school for nursing. Nothing more nothing less.

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