Wedding Planning; Favor Crisis

Today wedding planning has taught me to have a plan A, B, C & D because nothing goes as planned…… So I just got a response from my wedding coordinator: no candles allowed 😦 So here I am searching Pinterest like a mad woman for cute wedding favors that aren’t edible or flammable. I asked my coordinator for a list of things not allowed onboard. I’ll post it here once she sends it. Good news, wedding guest list is finalized! This week I’ll be visiting flower shops to see their silk flower arrangements. FYI: fresh flowers are only allowed on the ship thru the cruise ship themselves. So you can either buy fresh bouquets from them or bring on silk flowers. Anyway back to the dilemma at hand: which wedding favors is your favorite? Leave a comment below, I’ll reveal which one I chose on our wedding day 😉

Option 1: Glass Coaster

Option 2: Corkscrew Coasters


Option 3: Sailboat Keychain

Option 4: Anchor Keychain